My Thought today is on REJECTION..

Deal with the fear of rejection…

It sure comes to us in a couple of ways, you may have had your share from relationships, jobs, family, business, and life generally. How people communicate rejection to us, is pivotal on how we are able to deal with it.
My focus today is on rejection mail. This is one of the most common way people communicate rejection professionally. The truth is, some rejection emails actually hurt badly and sometimes in my own opinion i think it would have been better if it wasn’t received in the first place. Like it is so hard not to take that shit personal.
Imagine how it is to painstakingly do a business grant or job application, the time and effort it takes to answer those questions in the most creative way you can think of, and someone out there just brushes all that with one very brief email that they feel was nicely constructed. It hurts!!! Anyway, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Another annoying part of it is that, they try to make you feel like they actually gave your application a thought in the first place; well, the fact that you are sending a rejection mail right now, makes that irrelevant, so can you please skip all that?
Being rejected is a part of life that we all have to experience, someone said, in life, you will get more NOs than you will of YES. I guess that’s how it goes, you win some and learn from some. Bear this in mind when next such mail pops up in your box.
Whatever form of rejection life throws your way, be strong and move on!! The fact that we get a whole lot of rejection mails doesn’t mean we should stop applying for opportunities when they show up. All it takes is just one YES to forget about the numerous NOs. And we may never get to find out who says yes to us, if we quit.
Keep pushing consistently and we would get it right some day soon.
Make giant strides today….

OK, so my thought today is on self discovery..

The road to discovering self can be a long and sometimes lonely one, at other times it may lead you to some junctions where decisions on what direction to head next can be confusing. There could also be distractions on the way and if you are not careful you can be swayed away or even get lost.

All the aforementioned can be averted if one has a blueprint of what needs to be done. This is achieved by first researching, then outlining and adopting the principles that have worked for those who have embarked on the journey themselves, and modifying them to accommodate our unique needs and desires.

Always remember that your journey is unique to you, resist vehemently the urge to compare yourself to others as you travel, you are on a mission and your experiences will sure be different. The ultimate goal is to attain self discovery, the route may be different. Keep your eyes fixed on the goal and do not for any reason whatsoever, loose focus.

Take giant strides today!!!!

Do We all get cravings sometimes?…

When we crave for something, we remain primarily unsatisfied till we probably get it to ourselves. It could be food or so many other things, the fact is we try what we can to get what we crave for. Maybe after all done, that craving may not be satisfied but the thing is we try anyway.

Long story short, so this morning i woke up craving for homemade Nigerian buns and though it was my first attempt, i feel good that i could make what i craved for, eventhough it may not have been the best result.

Not only is it tasty, it is filling and satisfying too and can be served as a good replacement to bread on the breakfast table.

Thanks for taking out time to read my post, do tell me some craving experiences you remember and how you felt at the time and finally rate my result. Lol.

Brand launch in a bit……

edino new flier design option 2

Hello everyone, first and foremost I want to wish you all a very happy new year. This year has already started being eventful for me and I trust it’s the same with you. I am most excited about our brand launch.

The most interesting part is that I have had to be more creative than ever, I designed the flyer myself and I’m glad it all came out well.

A lot of people are willing to invest in agriculture, but they are scared of failing and losing it all…. this is where we actually step in, we put together our team of professionals and experienced individuals to alleviate your fears and make your farming venture worthwhile and profitable.

We have different packages, feel free to contact us today so that you find out the package that best suits your need. 2019 is a great year, you can make it greater by investing wisely and agriculture is a great option.

Remember, time is of the essence…..

Love: The real deal.

Hello everyone, been quite some time and it is nice to know that you are still out there. Let us briefly talk about love….. I know that this is one discussion subject that naturally pulls weight….. but hey, what can we do? we still need to say one or two things about it.

Falling in love is fantastic, I totally agree with the fact that it is a good thing to be in love, the feeling is truly inexplicable, but then we need to know where to apply the brakes and tread with caution. Seriously speaking, do we really have to lose our sense of good reasoning while we are at it? that is the part I totally disagree with. I mean how can you for the sake of being in love, start breaking all your sane rules of discipline and make excuses that you struggle so hard to convince yourself about, till you finally achieve that feeling of satisfaction that such reasons are very valid for doing that? it is so absurd to say but the least. Love truly shouldn’t be like that.

I understand the feeling that comes with meeting someone that seemingly completes you and meets up with your every desire in a partner, and then you feel you cannot do without them all because of the rush of love you feel whenever you are with them or speak to them. It gets bad to the point that even when they do not seem to show as much commitment as you, it seems not to matter; why on earth would you seem to overlook such crucial detail and be blinded by your selfish needs and desires. Truth, however, needs to be told, most of such relationships never really end well.

Now here is the thing, when such urge to get blindfolded with your present need and desires seems to overwhelm you, here is something that might help. First, take a very deep breath, this might help you relax and probably think straight. Remember! I mean, remind yourself that prior to the time you met the individual and decided to make something special out of the normal, you survived just fine without them. In fact, at some point, you did not even have the slightest clue that you would meet them in the first place, and your world was going on just well and cool with or without them in it. It may not be true love if you have to break all your sane rules and standards just in a bid to keep a partner.

It is worthy to note however that the emphasis here is on ‘sane’ rules, some other rules are just needless and truly unnecessary. Wisdom is highly profitable to decipher and probably distinguish between the two.

Love is a beautiful thing and I am no sadist to think otherwise or be against it, everyone should be in love but most importantly, keep your sanity intact while you are at it.

Thank you for your time…….

Career path: the seriousness of the matter.

It is quite amazing how we could make so much light of the things we ought to give the most thoughtful attention to, such things as choosing a career path. A career, whether you like it or not, is a journey that starts from birth. It starts the very minute the first step into an atmosphere of learning is taken by any human.

Prior to age 18, your choices may be influenced by those whose major responsibility is to care for you. But then, when it comes to entrance into a university or college career choice, no one has the right to influence that but you. I guess that is one of the reasons it is called a higher institution of learning.

Taking the statistics of the numerous choices available for a university degree, one might be confused on the exact career journey to embark on. Many are still ignorant of the fact that this stage should not be toyed with as it determines a whole lot of futuristic outputs. treat this stage of life with the knowledge that it is one of life’s key decision.

A mistake in this vital choice is not affordable and breed regrets, dissatisfaction and struggle through life. This decision should be solely yours to make because, in reality, you have to live with the outcome of this choice through life. It’s rather alarming how some parents feel that they have the right to influence this decision.

Choose a career path based on passion and interest. This will limit the excess difficulty that will otherwise be accrued when sticking with something that you have no passion or interest in. The truth is, whether it be good or bad, we have no other option but to live with our choices

If you are at this stage of choice, this is a wake-up call to make the right choice. Don’t be influenced but you can be advised wisely so that you make better choices. Ask questions and level up your curiosity. It is your life and you still possess the basic right which is the right to choose.

Thank you for your time, keep a date with us and be assured that more realistic and amazing contents will come your way.




Passion can be defined as a strong emotion or desire…..

 Some individuals might choose to look at that as it relates to love….  But as great minds we are more concerned about how we can adopt it in the actualisation of our dreams

Passion is the driving force that sustains our dream and keeps reminding us that it’s possible to get at our dreams and goals

That strong desire is what each and everyone of us,  need to make our dreams reality…

One might ask…  How do I discover my passion? Well,  we can do so by asking ourselves and candidly answering these three questions

 Question no. 1….”What subject could I read 500 books about without getting bored?”

It may not necessarily be books….  But I used that as an example to drive home my point

We all have our areas of interest…. some of which we tend to overlook and count as being not so important…

 Dear ones when you discover ur passion even the things others look down on…  Would be the most important to you

That’s ur passion, it’s gets to the point that you are so enthusiastic about it that nothing anyone says contrarily deters you from it
Question number 2

“What could I do for five years straight without getting paid?”

When you are passionate about something…  You are not really concerned about how much you get paid or who acknowledges you or who doesn’t…

Because it’s kind of a part of you…

And you always want to do what you are passionate about with any chance you get

I want every one to know at this juncture that you don’t force your passion…  You are not compelled to do what you find worth to be classified as “your passion”…

OK…  The final question….
 “What would I spend my time doing if I had complete financial abundance to do anything?”

Now the answer to that question is your passion…

Some people might be lucky enough to discover their passion at an early age of childhood….  But that one becomes developed and more customized….  If I may use that word…  As one gets older
Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

With passion…  The only limit u have are those you set for yourself

Take a min and ask urself…  That million dollar question…. What is my passion?

 Some people are privileged to find a career path in line with their passion,  why some are not

That’s why it’s common to see a lawyer,  instead of practicing law….  He is in the music or movie industry

Some career path could aid u in becoming a  professional in areas where ur passion lies.

It’s left for us to discover the category we fall into…

If you haven’t discovered your passion yet…  U still can…

If you need to choose a certain career path or acquire a training to maximize your passion….  By all means go ahead with that. 
 Here are some steps with the letter of the alphabets that make up the word passion….

 P-Ponder on those questions I stated earlier

A stands for Action….If you need to get a mentor, take action and get done all the things you need to do….

S stands for sustain….Your passion will always suffice, if u let it..So sustain it….

 S-strife to see other and better ways to maximize your passion

I-innovate New ways of helping others with your passion. If your passion serves only u…  You’ve benefited just urself and no one use, that’s not what we want…  We all want to make impacts

 O-open-mindedness: When you are open minded,  you will learn alot…  You’ll get corrected if you are passionately trending the wrong path Finally…..  

N-nuture your passion

Passion is energy … Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.


The flood currently experienced in most states of the Country is basically caused by the blockage of the water ways either by indifference of ignorance with the likelihood of the former being the most common reason, of the people living in such states.

Firstly, while the land that holds human life may seem extremely vast, it is nothing compared to the area of earth that is covered by water. In fact, the earth comprises of about  Seventy-one (71) percent (%) of water and about Twenty-nine (29) percent (%) of land. As a matter of fact, the land we inhabit is upon water.

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There is a popular saying that “water will always find its level”. It’s agreeable because that is the nature of water, it is bound to flow till it either gets down below the earth’s crust by evaporation or gets to its home, that is rivers, streams, oceans, lakes etc.

The lesson I learnt from my close observation of this, is that many individuals are so myopic in their vision of the future that they either take decisions or are indifferent in taking actions that will aid their future achievements.

Like the indifferent inhabitants, they are throwing garbage in water ways which can be likened to the pathway to success or destiny. These garbage hinder the flow of their vision/mission and all other ingredients that make for the fulfillment of goals or life’s purpose as well as cause flood of dirty deposits which are useless.

Remember that these deposits don’t just block the gutter or water ways in one day, it rather happens after a long period of time of continual indiscriminate waste disposal.

In similar manner, the little actions and decisions that have negative impacts on our dreams are not taken in a rush; they are done little by little till they completely block our path in life. Like in the case of flooding, it is when these waste result in flood that we realize what we have done to ourselves. Likewise, when we reach a standstill in the achievement of our dreams, we realize how we have hurt ourselves with our inconsiderate decisions and actions.

Just like the remedy to flooding is either cleaning up the blockage on the water ways or re-channeling this water, so they take an alternative route to their homes aforementioned, we can also remedy these life’s situation of blockage in our dreams, goals or achievements by either being concerned about the things we were previously indifferent of, correcting our wrong deeds, learning from them and/or taking another route to our destiny while ensuring that none of these negativity repeat itself.

Finally, I am concerned about the flooding in Rivers state that has made a lot of people abandon their homes and get temporary accommodation while the flood lasts.

We can avoid future re-occurrence if everyone rather than wait forever for the Government, take responsibility in cleaning our gutters, securing and ensuring proper disposal of waste is adhered to. Shape your desired future today!!!


Why do people derive pleasure in hurting others?


Being about the normal activities of my busy day, I was at second artillery here in Port Harcourt and I saw something that almost brought me to tears. Truth be told, the rate of oppression in this city is drastically on the increase. The category of individuals on the receiving end stays the same.


I have my reservations about men in uniforms, because mos of them see the privillege they have as a right to oppress others. But who am I to judge them?


Now some millitary men with their siren and all (which these days is just a setup for intimidation), needed to ply the route. These bunch of individuals could have easily made their way past with enough awareness already created by their sirens, but no… that wasn’t enough. I guess they wanted a standing oviation or something of the sort.


Next thing I saw was a uniformed man with a rod like weapon, jump off his van with an aura of unequalled self worth, I watched with so much anger as he went about destroying the lights, mirrors and likes of taxis in queue right in front of me. These drivers were in a queue patiently awaiting their turn for their various cars to be loaded, what other way can a  hustling taxi man portray orderliness than this?


The first reaction by passerbys was to run for cover, the last thing we wanted was broken objects in our eyes. The man created a lot of damages and nobody dared to confront him. I wished I had the courage to talk sense into him.


When the man had his destructive fill, he got into the front sit of their wagon, feeling like an accomplished millitary man. I shook my head. The things he did are not part of his job specification, it was really just a work without pay. Secondly, he expended a lot of energy hurting his fellow man. Energy that is so hard to get these days due to the economic hardship by the way. These are the same people that will complain about the backwardness of the country, yet in their little corner, they keep failing Nigeria over and again.


Next thing I did was to pitifuly observe and access the extent of damage.  Then I saw a man, he held the remains of this shattered side mirror, which at the time was just a rubber package , I noticed how he  fought so hard to hide his pains and be the man that he is. I purposedly looked at him to make sure our eyes met, and what I saw in that eyes, almost made me cry. I had to look away.


I may not be a righteous fellow, but I prayed for that man in my heart. Some people laughed at the military men, called them so much mocking names, all these were so useless as far as I or anyone else who is responsible are concerned.


People kept asking what their gain was after all, but to this man, it wasn’t funny at all. He probably was already counting his losses, all the money he had made at that point may not even be enough to repair his damaged lights and mirrors.


It got me thinking, these men did nothing but increase the agony of their fellow hustling men, it may not even be his car, he may have to pay for the damages done, he may even have a daily payment schedule to keep up with before making enough money to feed himself, he may not  have made a penny at that time…. There are just but so many possibilities. In reality, he didn’t commit any offence , he was just oppressed by uniformed fellows.


Let us access the risk created by the uniformed men, for something that would have taken few minutes of exercising patience. Why don’t they have symphathy for the hustling man, whatever happened to “dignity in labour”? If this man was a rich criminal, I guess he would have been respected and even served with all possible loyalty by these uniformed men, just as long as he could afford to pay them handsomely.


First, they created a panic, which could have resulted in wreckless driving by cab men in a bid to flee, anyone could have been knocked down, objects could have found their way into the eyes of the people that passed by and all these would have resulted in something awful. This among many other observable and avoidable risks, that were wrought. Please someone should tell me the benefits of their (the uniformed fellows) actions because I am yet to find an answer to that question after asking myself severally while reminiscing on the sad event.


In life its still our choice to help people, if you can’t help them fine, as far as you can still sleep at night with a clear conscience…. If you can’t help people, why hurt them?